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01 février, 2017 — 17 février, 2017

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LEARN Adult Services department

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LEARN Adult Services department is pleased to announce that our website is open to receive tutoring requests from any students currently registered in general or vocational programs in your centres.  For the February – March 2017 block we continue to offer assistance with the following:

Secondary 4 History

Mathematics – Sec. 1-5

English Communication Skills (focus on writing skills for English mother tongue)

English Second Language (beginners & intermediate)

French Second Language (beginners & intermediate)


In response to centre requests for customized tutoring for vocational students we are now launching Basic Mathematics upgrading for a number of programs:


Auto Mechanics

Health Care - Nursing/PAB

Pharmacy Technical Assistance


English for Client Communication is also in development. These abbreviated sessions will begin in February with centres who made the initial requests and collaborated in setting content. However, subsequent sessions will be open to students from any school board.

To view the tutoring schedule or register online individual students should go to: Centres may also choose to complete a group registration at the same address.

Please share this information with your staff and students and feel free to contact LEARN Adult Services for any further information or requests. Ms. Barbara Goode, LEARN Adult Services Coordinator, can be reached via email at  or by phone at: 514-937-4981.

Our tutors look forward to meeting your students online soon!